News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim.

Fire Emblem Opinions So Far

Chrom: lol smash bros
Robin: clearly has mind in the gutter, also the biggest playa ever
Lissa: thanks for heals now don’t get hit
Sully: yes I’d like 1 OP please
Vaike: sensei
Sumia: I don’t wanna say adorkable but…
Stahl: time to staaaahl the battle hahaha
Panne: stop making robin a furry. Just— no
Gaius: best
Ricken: Robin is my mage gg
Cordelia: more like I already have Sumia
Maribelle: only knows death
Lon’qu: plank of wood
Frederick: whats so great about this knight?
Donnel: hahahahaha no
Virion: see above
Miriel: see above